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Change Nepal
About Us
Human trafficking is one of the biggest organized crimes worldwide. It is the modern day slavery and a shame to humankind. Organised groups of traffickers misuse children, girls and persons in exploitative situations and often use them in criminal activities, smuggling and organ transplant. The organized groups are believed be powerful and often accused of running unlawful governance.

Trafficking in Nepal has two pathways; 1. internal or domestic trafficking and 2. external or international trafficking Nepal. Nepal had been for centuries, a source human trafficking. It may be in neighboring countries or countries in Asia or beyond, Nepalese children, girls and persons are trafficking after being lured or deceived.

Internally vulnerable children and persons are trafficking within Nepal for exploitation, sexual abuse and commercial activities that violate their physical, emotional and psychosocial rights. Tens of thousands of children and girls are working in establishments where extreme forms of abuse and exploitation is an integral part of business.
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Activities & Services
  • Undertake literacy programs
  • Provide counseling service
  • Provide skill trainings
  • Human Right education, empowerment and advocacy
  • Health awareness and counseling
  • Referral for rehabilitation, reintegration, protection and prosecution
Current projects
  • HLIP Human Liberty Initiative Program is a project to provide protection to girls in entertainment establishments in Kathmandu.
  • WATCH is a program to support children in exploitation and gather information about their exploitation.
  • CTIP Combating Trafficking in Persons is a program to sensitize the issues of trafficking and unsafe migration in VDCs in Kathmandu.
  • CASE is a research based program against children in worst forms of labour in Kathmandu valley.
  • Samrakshan is a program against children in worst forms of labour in Kathmandu valley.
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