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Change Nepal
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Change Nepal
About Us
Human trafficking is one of the biggest organized crimes worldwide. It is the modern day slavery and a shame to humankind. Organised groups of traffickers misuse children, girls and persons in exploitative situations and often use them in criminal activities, smuggling and organ transplant. The organized groups are believed be powerful and often accused of running unlawful governance.

Trafficking in Nepal has two pathways; 1. internal or domestic trafficking and 2. external or international trafficking Nepal. Nepal had been for centuries, a source human trafficking. It may be in neighboring countries or countries in Asia or beyond, Nepalese children, girls and persons are trafficking after being lured or deceived.

Internally vulnerable children and persons are trafficking within Nepal for exploitation, sexual abuse and commercial activities that violate their physical, emotional and psychosocial rights. Tens of thousands of children and girls are working in establishments where extreme forms of abuse and exploitation is an integral part of business.

There is an alarming increase in massage parlors, cabin restaurants, Khaja Ghar (local eatery), dohori (duet singing) restaurants, spas, discos, and so-called entertainment centers where children and girls have to work not only under unsafe circumstances but also are exposed and exploited physically and sexually for money. Poverty, family vulnerability & violence, unemployment, illiteracy and economic deceleration are to be blamed for the gloomy picture.

Due to political instability and frequent change in the seat of the government, traffickers find easier to commit their atrocities in Nepal. Unplanned and often whimsical moves of law enforcement agency have unfortunately not helped in fighting trafficking.

Change Nepal is an apolitical organization since 2003. It is a collective initiative to improve the status and defend the Human Right of children, girls and persons in Nepal. It provides services to survivors and victims of trafficking within the border through education, counseling, skill trainings, health awareness and Human Right awareness.

We appreciate your interest and proactive involvement in freeing our children and persons from exploitative situations.

Change Nepal
Thamel, Kathmandu
E-mail: changenepal@mail.com.np
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